The buy one give one promise: How we do it

When you purchase a bag, one bag goes to you and another goes to a beneficiary school kid from our adopted public schools and communities in the Philippines. Every month our team and volunteers distribute school bags and school supplies which hopefully can inspire poor children to keep pursuing education and go for their dreams no matter how hard life gets. Our aim also is to instill in their hearts the culture of generosity.

After each bag drive, we send an email update to our customers which includes pictures of the bag drive, his beneficiary, the biographical information of the kid, livelihood of his family and his dream in life. Also, each bag that we hand over to the kids has a name tag that bears the first name of the customer. So even if the beneficiary kid does not personally know who purchased the bag for him, he knows that someone somewhere thought about giving him a bag so that he can be inspired to finish school and be successful in the future. Sending updates and pictures to our customers make their buying experience more meaningful. Some of our customers join us during bag drives to personally experience the joy of giving.

More than the physical giving of bags, we are planting a seed of generosity in the lives of these school children that hopefully will blossom into something great in the future. Each bag will remind them on the importance of education. It is not just a bag, it is a bag of dreams which carries whatever dreams they have. Because in a country where we do not have a lot of opportunities, education is the best option, or to many, the only way out of poverty.

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